Who Is Your Hero?

Who Is Your Hero?

Quite often you’ll hear a keen fashionista mention a “hero” piece when deconstructing an outfit. Whether it be a hero or statement, every girl needs one! There’s no fashion category for a hero, it’s what gives your outfit a finishing touch or total statement. Team Cloth have come up with a few on trend ideas to add a hero piece to your #ootd.

The Blazer

Whether you’ve thrown on your denims and tee or black pants and shirt a jacket or blazer can set the tone for your look. Anine Bing continues to nail several styles in a blazer as well as beautiful fabrics rich in texture, colour, and pattern to scream hero. The Madeleine Blazer is her classic single-breasted style which comes in a couple of current fabrics, one being a tan and black tweed which against any outfit immediately grabs attention. Her Kaia Blazer is a slightly double-breasted style which even in basic black has a beautiful tortoiseshell button detail or the classic houndstooth which is neutral enough to throw over any outfit. One of her current popular styles is the Quinn Blazer, which is more of a boyfriend style in khaki, dove, camel cashmere or black ... any one of these colourways will give whatever is worn with it immediate elevation. New arrival Hometown Wool Blazer by Viktoria & Woods in the gorgeous burnt umber colour of the season is a classic cut and makes a statement over any outfit. If you’re after a bargain and that hero piece, then check out the Blanca Samantha Blazer in pink!

The Shirt

This season the shirt plays a big role but it’s up to you as to the way you decide to wear it. The stripe makes a statement and the latest Eulogy Shirt by Viktoria & Woods worn with denim or a man style trouser says timeless style. A graphic tee such as the new Lili Tee AB X TO X Rolling Stones by Anine Bing is a subtle print perfect as an underlayer. A pop of raspberry in the striped Mika Shirt by Anine Bing or latest beautifully crafted Braxton Shirt tucked in, left loose or knotted give plenty of styling options. The new Aspen Shirt with matching Owen Pant in black cream check print by Anine Bing is a statement set worn together but also create attention with the bold print worn separately.

The Cap

The easiest way to add that pop of colour is a stylish cap and Cloth has a menu of great options. Anine Bing’s Jeremy Cap comes in on trend colours with print or embroidery features. Viktoria & Woods have released a Woods Vintage Cap in beautiful Kelly Green and Burnt Umber, with a deep peak and subtle embroidery it’s a cool “hero” to sport up your look. More colour choices in the PE Nation Definition Cap and Immersion Cap call for Spring days and coffee dates! All caps have adjustable features and with so many colourways you’ll want more than one colour to spell statement.

The Sunglasses

A classy sunglasses frame can completely change up a look and create an added distraction against any outfit. Cloth has backed with confidence the Anine Bing frames over past seasons and this season we have several original and new design choices. The Levi Sunglasses and Indio Sunglasses have been released in wearable, versatile colours and now the Indio in a bold thick, oversized square frame and arms with embossed monogram gold logo give a sophisticated eyewear look. Newer styles such as the Jodie Sunglasses or Paris Sunglasses are an edgy vintage style frame. All sunglasses come with a soft leather zip case, perfect to switch up for a multi-purpose mini clutch too!

The Bag

A hero piece doesn’t necessarily mean you wear it but can be something you carry, and Cloth have stocked a couple of new release handbags that can make an outfit. The Mini Grace Bag in on trend camel or black in the softest leather is the perfect small handheld piece that screams sophisticated style. It’s the simplicity and feminine minimalist style that gives the supple leather bag our tick. The Gaia Bag in natural and black is a striking, attention-grabbing shoulder bag perfect for the Spring Summer vibe. It’s canvas and black cording make it a versatile day, beachy bag which also looks the part for drinks and dinner.
These are only a few picks around a “hero” piece, but the ideas are endless. Your heroes are the pieces you really shouldn’t part with if you can change them up and get the mileage out of them, also known as wardrobe investments. This is what makes our job so rewarding and fun for our customer base ... discovering a “hero” for you!
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