Celebrating Australian Designers: Aussie Designers You Need To Know About

Celebrating Australian Designers: Aussie Designers You Need To Know About

There is much debate and division in regard to our Australia Day. The way we see it at Cloth Boutique is an opportunity to celebrate and be proud of Australian fashion. Our iconic labels represent the modern Aussie woman and her plight for a chic versatile wardrobe.
Whether it be the reimagined organic cotton poplin boyfriend shirt by Bassike sporting unique stitching and pocket detail or the sophisticated style of the Viktoria & Woods unisex pleated trouser with matching blazer in an oversized relaxed look.
Let’s shine a spotlight on the Australian designers you need to know about in 2023. 
Blanca has sourced premium textural fabrics to give a classic shirt some modern edge and designed styles to see any Aussie woman at the beach or uptown bar. Australian, Ana Piteira is the creative genius behind the brand and what an impact she has made to the Aussie fashion industry. Her oversized pieces have been worn by some of the most prestigious celebrities across the globe. From the likes of Emily Ratajkowski to Laura Jade Stone, a Blanca shirt adds that perfect pop of colour to every wardrobe.
Want to look effortless and chic? Look no further than Blanca. 
Blanca Luna Shirt in Cream
Spell captures the essence of Australia with the feminine ruffled dresses worn with a fave pair of ankle boots. Collections are ethically crafted around themes of prints and colours. Aussie owners Elizabeth Abegg and Isabella Pennefather, have brought Byron Bay to the rest of the globe with their boho twist to wardrobe staples. With sustainability being at the full front of their mind, Spell promises to remain ethical, while constantly delivering iconic designs.
When you see a Spell piece, you know it is from Spell… and THAT is pretty special.
Spell Last Drinks Dress
Jac + Jack:
Jac + Jack keep it real with their staple Summer cotton linen tees and knits in muted classic colours to be worn with fave denim or thrown on with cotton beach dresses or skirts. Jacqueline “Jac” Hunt and Lisa “Jack” Dempsey are our Aussie ‘It Girls’ who are pioneering the fashion world, giving us a taste of simplistic colours and cuts to fit all wardrobes.  
Now owning 6 stores across the globe with warehouses in Los Angeles, you can expect to see more of Jac and Jack over the coming years. 
And speaking of Aussie real…..
State of Escape:

….State of Escape bag collection evolved with beautiful seasonal colours and styles around tote and crossbody styles for any occasion.
Aussie owners Brigitte MacGowan and Desley Maidment brought State of Escape to life with one message in mind: “to evoke in others the desire to escape back to your true self.” All designs are made to order and crafted in timeless colours to dress up every look. 


Bassike (pronounced 'basic’) is on top of their game in the fashion world with their innovative and unique cuts of your wardrobe ‘basics’. An Australian owned brand, loved by many. Velvet soft fabrics, unique palettes and styles for all. Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan founded the business in 2006 and have grown an empire. Their values lie in supporting the community, respecting the planet and honest made clothing.

Bassike crossover detail rib tank
At Cloth Lifestyle Boutique, we will continue to support Aussie born brands with a greater purpose.
So let’s come together to celebrate our iconic Australian labels and their vision for the modern citizen, man and woman. 
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